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EBG Survey DataHubv1r1 20190607:

The document lists some characteristic of datahubs that are planned or operating in some of the European ebIX® member countries:

- Organizational issues
- Financing
- Security issues
- Customer involvement
- Questions about the processes
- Official reporting
- Technical issues

June 7, 2019

Survey Suppliers change within 24 hours 20190102

The document shows what is implemented or planned implemented in the ebIX® member countries regarding special conditions (restrictions, payments etc.) for change of supplier

January 2, 2019

MDS study - Interfering processes

Presentation for ebIX Forum 20170703 - Interfering Processes

This document contains scenarios of how interfering energy market processes are handled in the ebIX member countries.

May 8, 2017 

List of possibilities for a move in past

This document lists possibilities for a move in and out in the past, in the national process, in the countries participation in the ebIX® MDS working group.

September 19, 2017 

Smart meter reading method

There are different ways to determine the read logged in the register of a meter. This memo shows what type of method is used in ebIX® member countries for calculating the net registered energy flow per registering interval in a smart meter.

June 21, 2017

ebIX Study - multiple suppliers at one connection

Presentation for ebIX Forum 20170703 - Multiple suppliers at one connection

ebIX® study for how to handle Metering Points (MP) when there is more than one supplier and/or Balance Responsible Party in a connection, such as for MPs with both consumption and small scale production.  

June 26, 2017