ebIX®provides standardised and harmonised processes for the liberalised downstream electricity and gas markets with the focus on information exchange, following EU rules and allowing national customisation.


ebIX® offers

  • Implementable process models, including definition of information exchanged, based on best practices and lessons learned in member countries, based on open international standards
  • A forum for knowledge sharing between member countries

ebIX® goals

  1. Model a complete set of downstream processes, based on experience and best practices;
  2. Evaluate new developments and integrate these to the ebIX®business requirements when applicable;
  3. Encourage the regulators to recognise and recommend the ebIX®models;
  4. Promote the lessons learned and the ebIX®deliverables;
  5. Extend the ebIX® membership base.

Short time goals

  • Model a complete set of downstream processes, based on experience and best practices:
    • Publish an inventory of current downstream processes;
    • Publish the ebIX® models for them.
  • Explore new developments:
    • Impact of modelling based on CIM
    • Smart grid implications on relevant processes
      • Investigate where to join existing initiatives
  • Share lessons learned

Long-time goals

  • Establish relations with regulators to have ebIX® known
  • Activate relations and/or cooperation's with relevant bodies in the EU in order to integrate the ebIX® models in common way of working
    • ENTSO-E (and DSO’s ) for CIM modelling
  • Extend and stabilise the member base


Articles of the ebIX® organisation



ebIX® is a registered Community Trade Mark. All rights belong to the European forum for energy Business Information eXchange and members of the organization. The Community Trade Mark is a sign which serves to distinguish the ebIX® services from those of other organisations. The trade mark refers to the graphic representation of the ebIX® name and logo. The registering of ebIX® as a trade mark has three essential functions:

  • it identifies the origin of the ebIX® services
  • it guarantees consistent quality by showing ebIX® commitment to its users
  • it is a form of communication, a basis for publicity and advertising

Trade mark registration is one of the strongest ways to defend a brand; a way to ensure that no one else uses it. If we hadn’t registered our trade mark, others might have done so and acquired our rights to the services. A strong trade mark creates an identity, builds trust, distinguishes us from the competition, and makes communication between ebIX® and our users simpler.