Role Model

The Harmonised Electricity Market Role Model is a document developed and maintained by ebIX®, EFET and ENTSO-E. The Harmonised Role Model describes a model identifying all the roles that can be played for given domains within the electricity market. The roles are of a logical nature, such as a balance responsible party. The roles act within a given domain, such as a metering grid area.

The document covers the roles as identified in current development being carried out in information exchange. A role model of this nature shall be the formal means of identifying roles and domains that are used in information interchange in the electricity market. It therefore can affect the way business processes are designed for automation. It ensures that the information exchanged between parties corresponds to a process managed within the electricity market between distinct roles that are assumed by specific parties.

In each ebIX® model a subset of the role model, relevant for the business process described, can be found.

Role Model version 2015-01:

Role Model version 2014-01:

Role Model version 2011-01:

Remark: the UML version of the Role Model needs other UML projects for its proper working. All UML files (role model and supporting files) are included in a zipped folder that can be downloaded here. After unzipping all these files should be kept together within one folder. 

ebIX®, EFET and ENTSO-E Harmonised Role Model (HRM) Maintenance Request (MR) Form: