Gas group

The gas Group was a project group for specifying the gas requirements that have to be included in a subset of the present ebIX business requirements (and as a consequence in the business information models that are based on these).

After 1 ½ years the group has successfully finished their work. The basic requirements from the gas project has already been implemented in the ebIX Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) from the ebIX MDS and EMD work groups. New gas requirements will be implemented directly by the ebIX MDS and EMD work groups.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the responsible ebIX work group for the document in question.

Members of the Gas group

The following persons are members of the gas group

Name Company Country Task
Eva Lepperhoff Westnetz DE Gas group Convenor 
Tom Geerts Atrias BE  
Thilbaut Hellin Atrias BE  
Lisbeth Frausing Dong DK  
Marko Smodis Petrol d.d., Ljubljana SI  
Igor Jaušovec Plinarna Maribor SI  
Kees Sparreboom ebIX NL Secretary